Now that I have a Yaesu FT2D

I wonder what could be done with a nice big touch screen. It as all the bells and whistles like VHF/UHF, GPS and Digital (Fusion). I wanted more…

Here a a few of the Things that will be easier to do with the FT2

Winlink/APRS Link Allows you to send Winlink email to other users or directly to email using APRS. This will allow me to stay in touch when Celluar is dead or not available while 4 Wheeling or camping. That is along there is a APRS gateway around.

SMSGate. Send and Receive Text messages from your radio.

APRS2SOTA Allow you to Spot yourself when you don’t have Cellular service. A message contains Summit, Frequency you will be working and the mode. That is you are able to ping an APRS gateway.

One other item is using it for APRS gateway on ISS. Should be easier to send preset messages. Sure there is more you can do and these items can be done with other radios like a VX8. Its just nice to have the big screen. Let me know if you have other uses for the FT2?


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