Commradio CTX-10

Last spring I purchased a Commradio CTX-10 from Universal Radio. Already owning a KX2 and loving it. I didn’t need another QRP rig just want to check it out and Glad I did. I have gotten it out a couple of time, mostly taking to HiP ( Hams in the Park) that we have every other Friday. I have gotten good signal report on SSB. I like that it has a built-in battery pack and tuner. It’s small and easily packable. With its Extruded Aluminum case, it’s almost bulletproof plus it doesn’t heat up when running Digital. All in all its a great rig if you’re looking for something that is portable and easy to use. It is so easy to use I am going to set it up as a goto station for new hams during Field Day. You can’t mess it up and if somehow it does, just reset.

My only cons are the tuner is not as quick as my KX2 and may have to do it a couple of times for the best SWR. Second is the switching relay in CW is loud and a little slow. Other than that its a keeper. I hope Commradio releases an update that will fix these issues.

On the images below the bar causing the missing text is from my camera catching the OLED refresh. Another good article about this radio.


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