Running A Zumpost as a mobile unit is great for staying connected while on a trip or on the road. The only limitation that I have found is with Pi-Star re-connecting to WIFI networks or re-connecting to a YSF or FCS room. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Plus the boot time is, way too long compared to the OpenSpot. I like Pi-Star, and find it to work perfectly at home as long as its connected full time.

I Think I have the answer to the mobile situation. HRO is carrying a Bluetooth board called Zum Radio made by ZumSpot for Both Android and iOS. All you need to do is remove the Raspberry Pi Zero and attach the Bluetooth board and install a free application called BlueDV. Now the Zumspot boots and connects in less than 30 seconds.


BlueDV for iOS only support DMR and Fusion and that is okay by me as I use Fusion. The Android version also supports D-Star.

I hope you find the little write up useful and I will hear you on the air.


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